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fragment of C/o project

concept e direction:
Francesca Pennini

action and creation:
Andrea Amaducci
Francesca Pennini

original music:
Gianluca Russo

artistic residencies:
Santarcangelo dei Teatri

rehearsal space:
Teatro Comunale di Ferrara

Winner of Gd’A Award 2008

piece for theatre stages
year 2008

duration: 20’

I WAS HERE, an absence certificate. The publication of an ontological study whose main characters are the obsolete and prosthesized bodies of computer users and their avatars. A binary interface among bodies with different dimensions of existence, living their first, second or third life. An always mediated action. An hypertext of cinemas where the performer turns into the user of an extemporary choreography. An homolateral kinetic taxonomy, a formal palindrome which re-organizes the body syntax. A perceptive fluctuation which reveals its stratagem. Zipped movements of homogenized dermal uniformities. Bidimensional dances, emancipated to the third dimension from the world of images. Bodies as sensorial interfaces, avatars of their own, alienated, anagrammed and indefinable. Sensorial chimeras in an empiric breathlessness. Bodies as containers of cerebral wetware, immaterial immanence. Bodies appearing with something which is never a presentation of themselves: their back. Their head becomes an empty face, out of what projects towards the distance: eyes, ears… EYE was EAR, a corollary of spaceless fleshes.

Took part to the process of creation and to exceptional performative events:
Jacopo Jenna, Alessandro Pintus

“The spectrum of a more and more unattainable reality hovers in Eye Was Ear by Francesca Pennini, winner of the Giovani Danz’Autori Award. Ludic and conceptual, sinthetic and bidimensional, the piece of the young dancer and choreographer investigates with restless rigor the drifts of a virtuality where the body becomes insoluble anagram, copy without original, obscene immateriality. The result is an acrid divertissement where wigs, plastic prothesis and clothes worn on the opposite side transform the performers in ancipa small figures oscillating on a white square between sounds stolen from the platform Second Life. In this way, through napes transformed in faces withour eyes and arms ready to tear away from the torso is outlined an immaginary taxonomy where emerges all the violence of the derealized present where we are diving in.”
[ Andrea Nanni - Hystrio - 01/ 2009 ]

“With Eye Was Ear Francesca Pennini draws a rough and sophisticated choreographic rebus where the shaved napes framed by blonde wigs becomes empty faces, the back becomes chest, the steps backwards are forward and the down shifts up in an optic distorsion that builds alien and gummy bodies (avatars, says the author) deprived by sure identities but with different and new possibilities of movement.”
[ Maria Cecilia Bizzarri - Danza & Danza - 11/2008 ]


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