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Dialogo Terzo

part of the project "DIALOGUES" by Francesca Pennini

Alessandro Sciarroni

action and creation:
Simone Arganini
Margherita Elliot
Carmine Parise
Angelo Pedroni
Francesca Pennini
Stefano Sardi

Alessandro Sciarroni

John Cage
Stefano Sardi

Ettore Lombardi

CollettivO CineticO
Aperto Festival - Fondazione I Teatri di Reggio Emilia
Teatro Comunale di Ferrara
Operaestate Festival Veneto/CSC
Centrale Fies / Art Work Space

in collaboration with:
Emilia Romagna Teatro Fondazione
Fondazione Teatro Comunale di Ferrara
L'Arboreto - Teatro Dimora di Mondaino

piece for theatral stages and site specific
year 2020

duration: 30'

technical rider

"I think the work should be called In a landscape": I would like to steal this title from the homonym piece by John Cage ... and I would also like to use that track too. I think it holds the right atmosphere. Composed in 1948, for piano or harp "to sober and quiet the mind, thus rendering it susceptible to divine influences".

For now, with CollettivO CineticO, we are training a new practice. As in other works of mine, there is always something light and mysterious in the obstinacy of repetition, something that seems to have an opposite energy compared to patience, fatigue, and to the obduracy of the action carried out. But this time I seem to be able to see more. They seem to me figures tending towards what seems to resemble a feeling of serene determination inclined to disappear: a voluntary extinction of the subject. An act of extreme love. The choice of a definitive departure.

But I admit that my gaze is not objective.

[ Alessandro Sciarroni - 14/02/2020 ]

"We observe enchanted the blue and moving fluctuation of those circles, of those liquid and semi-divine bodies. We watch them do one thing, one thing at a time. [...] In those bodies so close-knit and trained, the wonderful synchrony of an orbital and infinite flight materializes, which seems to miraculously transform matter into ether. In those bodies, the dancers of CollettivO CineticO offer themselves to the mystical minimalism of Alessandro Sciarroni, making it converge, all together and in unison, in pure poetry."
[ Anna Trevisan - Abc dance]

"As happened in Untitled, the dancers perform the gesture repeatedly by touching small peaks in which the apparent simplicity of the loop begins to melt into other small movements: a change of direction of the body, the centralization of the gazes, the meeting of the eyes of the others, the circle that passes from the waist to the rotation around a wrist that looks at the sky or the floor. The geometry of the bodies unfolds in a glacial slowness. Pathos blossoms in the eyes, in the rhythmic encounter with John Cage's music played live."
[ Andrea Pocosgnich - Teatro e Critica ]

"Dialogo Terzo: in a landscape renews once again the prodigy: to create a vision, apparently made of nothing, but capable of an always unexpected bewitchment of perception, a kind of emotional choreography of the gaze."
[ Mario Bianchi - Krapp's Last Post ]


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